Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Science Center

Me and the boys at the waterfall
(since we went with alot of kids, we had special red playgroup shirts made)

Yusuf's 'friend' teaching him about camoflage

Ibby 'helping' Yusuf build a ramp

Checking out the skull

Alhamdulilah we had a field trip to the science center yesterday. We had lots of kids mashaAllah! Everyone came on a school bus but I decided to drive my van and then stay after (bus was there from 10:30-1). One of Yusuf's friends and her aunt stayed back with us. We bought a membership for the year and Im so happy I did (it pays off in 2 visits). We had so much fun and were learning at the same time. And because it was a weekday it was really empty. The staff was awesome! They were so friendly and would come up to us and teach the kids and play with them. We will definatly be going back soon inshaAllah! = )

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  1. horray for the coolest trip ever! I'm so grateful for our little playgroup :)