Friday, January 14, 2011

Arabic Around the House

Alhamdulilah Yusuf is really enjoying his new Arabic classes. From Oct - Dec he attended a class further away from our house and he was really enjoying it.. but.. the kids were ages 3-6 yrs and it was a larger class. The teacher was great but it was hard for him to cater the different needs of the kids. So a friend of mine arranged for Yusuf and his to friends to begin classes at my friends house. The new teacher is also great and because its more frequent (45 mins twice a week instead of one hour once a week) I find Yusuf's picking up a lot. So Ive put a few things around the house for him to continue learning his Arabic. I had cue cards and made posters a while back so I put them back up. And in the summer I bought a place mat with the Arabic alphabet and yesterday I made a poster of colours (which I need to learn as well!).


  1. love it! the colours poster is great <3

  2. It is great that you incorporated the coloured paper with the must be fun to put all this knowledge to use that you learned in your ECE course.

  3. Exposing our children to Arabic in every corner of the house has worked well. Here is something I started but not finished

    Here some girls names too

    Use them on their drawers, school binders etc....

    I have something even better for Yusuf

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