Friday, November 21, 2014


I told Yusuf he could skip his social studies homework if he gave me a foot massage.

Ibby's Lego Class

Alhamdulillah we have enrolled Ibby in a weekly Lego class. We felt it was important for the boys to get some individual time so Yusuf is not enrolled.  The boys are very different, Yusuf is very outgoing and talkative.  Ibby is more of an introvert and is reserved unless and until he knows a person well.  Inshallah this is beneficial for him and gives him some time to shine without being in the shadow of his big brother.

White Board

Yusuf loves to know what will happen in the day. I often make a mental list as to what I plan on doing the next day before I sleep.  But that list doesn't always materialize because... well... you know.
So I thought having a white board in our kitchen would be beneficial for all of us.  Kids know what to expect, I know what Im cooking (deciding what to make for dinner takes up too much brain power for me now so preplanning is a life save), and it helps us all stay on track.
I highly recommend doing this... its made our homeschooling much more smoother.

[Disclaimer : We still have crazy days where we dont get much done... or dont use the whiteboard, just sayin.  We're not perfect. ]

The Littlest Student

Someone has joined us during our homeschooling time. <3

The Get-Along Shirt

Ive seen this idea many times before.  The other day the boys were driving me crazy with their fights and bickering so I made them wear it.  Except it didn't last long because Ibby hates being confined.  :/

Yusuf's done grade two alhamdulilah!

Alhamdulillah Mashallah Yusuf completed the grade two curriculum.  I didn't think that I was the type of homeschooler who likes to follow the grade system strictly.. and Im still not, however following the Canadian Curriculum has helped us to stay motivated and productive.  We do supplement with other curriculum and Yusuf still has weaknesses in some subjects... but alhamdulillah, he worked hard so we wanted to reward him.  
We had a small family ceremony. Baba and I stood in the living room and got the kids to sit on the sofa.  Baba made a little speech about working hard and such... and then we presented him with a certificate.  
The pics speak for themselves. 

Found this free printable online

Friday, November 14, 2014


Im thinking of getting Yusuf to learn how to type properly, since he despises writing....
Someone sent me this link which I am going to try inshaAllah.
Take a look if you're interested.
Click here.


Today I gave my two year old a Nutella just because I wanted her to stop crying.
I dont think my eldest had Nutella til he was four.

This. Hit. Home.

Click here

Don't Homeschool! You can't shelter your children!

A article worth reading if you are worried about the whole socialization aspect of homeschooling.
Click here.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Yes! This is me!

One thing I hate about homeschooling is people praising me about how patient I am... how brave I am...and then they go on to bash themselves saying they'd never be able to homeschool because they're not as organized or whatever blah blah blah blah.

Disclaimer - I know homeschooling isn't for everyone but it really pains me to see people saying they wish they home schooled but just cant, because they're not [insert quality here] enough.

I've said it before and I'll say this again, I'm far from perfect and you're than welcome to ask my kids and hubby how flawed I really am.  I try telling parents who ask me how I do it, but I dont think it always comes out right.  But this article nails it on the head.  This is me. I am highly sensitive and it wasnt until I read this that I realized that.

The key to me surviving homeschooling has been I've been blessed enough to find ways to cope with being highly sensitive.  I've been blessed with awesome support as well.  And one of the biggest blessings has been learning more about myself.  Learning when to let go.  When to not care.  When to ask for a break, or when to take a break from homeschooling.

There are days when we do nothing.  Like absolutely nothing.  Actually there are weeks when we do nothing.  There are days when my house is such a disaster that you'd seriously not want to come in.  There are days when my kids have eaten cold leftover french fries, or chips and chocolate for breakfast.  Yes, breakfast.  There are days I sit and daydream about what it would be like to send my kids to school.  And there are days where Im in tears by bedtime thinking I can't do this anymore.

The more I homeschool, the more I learn to laugh at myself.  To not care about the temporary imbalance in my kids dietary intake or the fact the only educational activity has been a youtube video.

I've come to the realization its okay to lock myself in the bathroom so I can get a minute to myself.
Or to stick my kids infront of the TV so I can drink my tea in peace.

I've learned this whole unschooling business doesn't work as well for my family as I once thought it would and that the white board where I write our daily to do list helps us to stay focused and productive and happy.

Homeschooling is a lot about teaching kids.  But sometimes I feel its even more about my own learning.  About myself and life in general.

I hope and pray that despite our bad days, we come out of this journey successful, and despite our countless mistakes, I pray Allah accept it from us and is pleased with us, Ameen.

And here is the article you must here.


I've lost count of how many times I've left and then returned to blogging.  I'm not trying to play hard to get or anything, its just, life happens. = )
But this time I left for a different reason.  My family and I were victims of a hacking and black mailing incident.  It was scary.  Sad.  Sick.  And part of me wanted to run away forever from social media and all, but, I came back because I feel that I benefit greatly from online homeschooling sources.  Like everything in life, there is good and bad and we just have to try our best to protect ourselves, but not let the evil prevail.

I would like to take this opportunity to urge you all to be careful with any unknown followers/friends/contacts.  Because of my blog, and the nature of my husbands work, we were both used to 'fans' who we didn't know personally.  And one of these people happened to be on my husbands Skype, and through that, was able to do horrible things.  I know its tough to filter if you have many unknown Facebook followers, but please, please, please, delete anyone on your Skype who you do not completely trust!  Also, cover up your laptop and cellphone cameras when they are not in use.

Anyways, moving on...I feel like I can honestly say I would not be surviving homeschooling if it weren't for other peoples blog, I feel like I owe it to the world to give back the little knowledge Ive gained long the way.

Hope you enjoy!  Happy Homeschooling!