Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Science of Pee

Yusuf has always had this obsession with drinking bath water! I used to discourage him from it but wasnt too strict about it until his little brother started sharing the bathtub with him...however, Yusuf was still determined to drink it. He would try different tactics to distract me so he could quickly get a gulp of the 'special drink.' I tried telling him many times that Ibby may have peed in the water so its disgusting if he drinks it. But he insisted that he couldnt see the pee therefore it was fine.

I was tired of hearing myself say the same thing over n over again so I decided to do a little experiment. I got some dark purple [pomegranate flavor] juice from the kitchen and showed him how dark it was. Then I asked him what color pee was to which he answered yellow. I then took some of the juice and poured it into the bath and within seconds it 'disappeared.' I explained to him that the pee/ juice mixes into the the water and because theres so much water you can no longer see the pee / juice.

I think he finally got it!


  1. i witnessed this experiment and found it to be such a simple way to show him what is happening. good job momma

  2. Salaam Sis,

    That is excellent, mashaALLAH! I have to try this as I have one who insists on drinking it too...

    lol @ "special water"