Sunday, June 28, 2015


Another idea which we got from the Ramadan Goodness Blog was to pay for someone at Tim Horton's.  When we got in line, we drove past the speaker where you order, and went straight to the window, gave the lady five dollars and this note.  We asked to give it to the person behind us.  The kids were really confused before when I was trying to explain to them and were actually very nervous (as you can see on Yusuf's face in the pic) but afterwards they were SO excited.  When we drove away they were carefully watching to see if the car behind us was following us.  Mashallah it was a cute experience.  I explained to the kids that inshaAllah Allah rewards us for making someone else a little happier.  May Allah accept it, Ameen.

Flowers for Neighbours

I found this amazing blog mashallah which shares amazing ideas about how to spread kindness is Ramadan.  We took this idea from that blog...check it out here.  

We made these for our neighbours... it has a flower, a small pack of dates and a card.  
I got the free printout for Muslim Matters.

Fasting Cycle

We made a fasting cycle wheel.  Each kid coloured one portion.  We glued it onto bristol board to make it stronger and used a butterfly pin to attach them.
I got the printout from Islamic Bulletin Boards

Date Packages for Family Friends

We took dates, put almonds inside (after removing pits), and sprinkled coconut on top.  We got small boxes from  the dollar store and decorated with ribbon and name tags.  Kids learned about feeding a fasting person and getting the reward of that fast as well.

Making name tags for boxes

Finished product (minus labels)

A plate for our family

Working hard

Ramadan Pillow Cases

We took old pillow cases and used fabric paint to make special Ramadan pillow cases!  :)

Ramadan with Kids

This Ramadan one of my goals is to really focus on the kids.  To make it special and beneficial inshaAllah.  We are spending this Ramadan with cousins, so alhamdulillah we have more kids around plus all the kids are older and able to comprehend more.
MashaAllah alhamdulillah, there are so many resources online that I really had to use minimal brain power, just looked around and collected things I liked.  I made a spreadsheet of the stuff I liked and have been trying to do an activity a day.

The day before Ramadan, I made charts for the kids to track the amount of hours they manage to fast, and rakat they managed to pray.  This was my own idea.  I just made charts in a word document.

A family friend went to Makkah a while ago and brought back musalahs for the boys.  I saved them for a special occasion, wrapped them in ribbon and gave it to them the night Ramadan began.  We also hung lights in the boys room.

We made a Ramadan banner for the kicthen,  along with a number banner to first count down til Ramadan began, and now that its here, were counting the days.

We added our Ramadan Advent Calendar, which was purchased from Handmade Beginnings a few years back.  I wrote different challenges to put in each pocket, such as smiling more, praying salahs all on time, giving money in sadaqah etc.

A friend and I conducted a Welcome Ramadan Workshop for kids and we got them to make Ramadan banners for their doors.... Here's Yusuf's.

A shot from the workshop

All the kids made personalized Iftar placemats which has the dua for breaking fast.
I am totally drawing a blank as to which blog I got these from, but it you search pinterest you can find the printout on its own.  InshaAllah if I remember I will post the original blog it came from to give that sister due credit :)

I found small jars at the dollar store, and bought decorative jewels for each child.  We made good deed jars so whenever the kids feel they did a good deed, they come tell a parent and get a jewel.  InshaAllah once the jars are filled they can get a treat :)