Sunday, December 12, 2010

Happiness is...

...a freshly organized storage room! = )

Alhamdulillah we have two good sized storage rooms. This one (the cold cellar) was full of Mahmood's aunt's stuff. So I moved all of her house to the furnace room which also has boxes of the boys clothes. And now, this room is our homeschooling storage room :) I got this idea last night while falling asleep and am super excited about it. I hate having all the boys toys out all at once, becasuse as you can see, they have a lot of things! I really like rotating their stuff so they get better use out of it and enjoy it more. After is been stored away for a while it feels like new once taken back out. Plus I have a weakness for buying educational things for them. But please do note that this is a collection that I started since before I was pregnant with Yusuf... and alot of stuff is from garage sales. One of my biggest pet peeves is not taking proper care of toys/belongings so alhamduliah I have managed to keep everything in good condition.

Anyways, now that everything is accessible and organized, inshaAllah we will benefit more.


  1. I love love love it.....such a great feeling to have everything organized. You should get a gold star for sure for this project.

  2. ahhh I love it mashaAllah, I can't wait to someday have my own house and have a proper storage.. our bedroom closets are overflowing it's getting a little stressful :S lol. But alhudmulillah I am grateful for all we have ;).

    Ps- love the new layout!

  3. Organizing materials and books is soooo important. Trying to find 'that thing' can take the wind out of your creative flow.

    I bought different storage systems, and changed them as our needs evolved. Alot of our books come from library sale shelves. The rest mostly from Scholastic Books, the best prices!

    There are an amazing plethora of interactive websites too. Keep a file on your Favorites and subdivide it to find what you want at any given time.

  4. motivation much? I love organizing things- kuddos to you for doing this, you must feel so good to have this checked off your to do list!