Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Quran Stories with Lego

I found this awesome website mashallah!
It has lots of Quran stories illustrated with Lego.
Check it out here!

Bird Feeders

Yesterday Ibraheem learned about recycling in his Science workbook.  We happened to go to Bulk Barn yesterday so I picked up some bird seeds so we could make bird feeders out of stuff we found in our recycling bin....really praying some birds show up = )

Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will ensure as long as life lasts." -Rachel Carson

My book, The Last Child in the Woods, has inspired me to spend more time outside with the kids. 
Today I went out on the patio to read, and my babygirl sat with me, and even brought me a flower.
Alhamdulillah. <3

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Family Virtue Club

We started a Family Virtue Club.

A friend of mine recommended this book and Im really enjoying it.  We had our first club meeting
which included the following:

*The virtue discussed was Caring.
*We sat in a circle and lit a candle to remind us to be calm and listen to each other.
*We read from the book about what is caring.
*We listened to Dawud Warnsby nasheed, 'Dont talk to me about Muhammad' and discussed how Muhammad SAW was very caring to everyone he ever met.
*The kids all got a piece of paper and had to illustrate what caring means to them, and they presented it.
*They made a skit together and presented it to me.

InshaAllah next virtue will be Helpfulness, I will inshaAllah post what that meeting includes.

Gratitude Journal

             Today we started Gratitude Journals. InshaAllah we plan to write one thing that makes us sad and three things that we are grateful for.  I would also like to implement it in my day as well.  I listened to a lecture recently (Yusuf partially listened to it as well) and it really made me realize how much I have to take more control of my thoughts and to be more positive.  And of course I would like this for my kids.  So Im hoping we can make this a regular part of our routine.
        We got journals and made cover pages.
        We talked about and memorized the verse, "If you are grateful then I will surely increase you."  (14:7)

I *highly* recommend listening to the following lecture.  Its pretty good for kids too.  A little advanced, but perhaps if its on in the background, they may pick up a thing or too.
May Allah swt enable us to be among those who are thankful, Ameen.



Another thing we REALLY missed:  Libraries!


Something we really missed about Canada was the amount of opportunities we got to be outside. 
Yes alhamdulilah Malaysia was amazing in terms of tropical weather and amazing scenery, but on a day to day basis, it was hard to get out.
I just LOVE when my kids go out, get dirty, play freely, and have that outside smell!
Malaysia was always too hot or it required much more energy and planning to get out (past our condo).  
Alhamdulillah for Canadian backyards and neighbourhood parks!

I am currently apart of a mothers book club and the book this month is:

I just started it today, so theres not much to say but will note anything worth mentioning soon inshaAllah.

Science Centre

One of the main reasons we moved back was to be apart of our amazing homeschooling community here in Canada.  Alhamdulillah there are so many trips, classes and events always taking place.
Can't explain how excited I am to be back.  = )


We are home.
Home sweet home.
We have made the move back to Canada. 
Were back for good, inshaAllah.

It was a difficult decision, but one we are happy with.
Malaysia was no doubt an amazing experience and we were incredibly blessed to meet the people we met and see the places we saw.  But it was time to come home. 

Alhamdulillah ala kulli haal.