Monday, January 21, 2013

Ottawa Road Trip

Alhamdulilah we had a great weekend away with the kids.  We visited Ottawa for three days to attend AlKauthar class on the tafseer of Surah Taha.  Unfortunatly there wasn't much to do in Ottawa for the kids (the cool museums they have are closed every Monday), but travelling together, staying in a hotel and attending the class was all very enjoyable.  MashaAllah all three kids were amazing and Im so proud of them.
Walking to the kids playroom in the hotel
Colouring and activity sheets
White board and dry erase markers
Aqua Doodle and a Craft Book someone gave them at Summaiya's Aqeeqah.  When the boys get alot of gifts I ihde some away n have a stash for occasions such as these
Kids room in the hotel.  All hotels should have this! We let the boys burn off some energy before getting back on the road.  Very helpful especially since it was so cold n couldn't really go out
I brought magnets and a baking sheet for him to stick them to but he preferred to line them up,


  1. This certainly was a "special weekend" in more ways than one. Very happy for all of many great ideas for traveling with kids. The play room has got to be a perfect spot and the boys certainly enjoyed it all. Great memories

  2. I'm heading to ottawa next week for a wedding. Should be lots of fun!