Monday, October 25, 2010

Yusuf's Workplace

This is what Yusuf's workplace looks like these days [we change it around often].
It includes:
-pictures to illustrate the timings of the five daily prayers
-a poster of names and pictures of tools
-his measuring activity
-his hammering activity
-a container of leaves we collected on a walk [and will be doing a craft with them soon]
-his daily schedule of things he needs to get done in the day
-a new calendar I purchased from Scholar's Choice recently
-and Ibby's toy parked beside it :)


Since Yusuf is into tools these days I gave him a measuring tape to measure different things in the house. It was a little advanced for him but I helped him and he really enjoyed it.


Got this from our friend @ handmade beginnings [sorry cant find the link for that post].
My grandpa was here last weekend doing some jobs for us around our place and since then Yusuf has been really interested in tools.

Baking Cookies

Today we made cookies. It was really fun! :) We got the recipe from here.

We made a few batches.. including one giant cookie, and a blue batch that Yusuf made with his cookie cutters. InshaAllah well take them to playgroup tomorrow to share with our friends :)

Friday, October 22, 2010

White Board Writing

Were still using the white board to write. Today I took it off the wall and put it on the floor for him which he enjoyed. I also wrote some words for him to copy which mashaAllah he did really well.

Egg Carton Math

After having breakfast yesterday I took the egg carton and put numbers 1-18 on them. I got a bunch of beads and tried explaining to him how to put the number of beads into each section. He didnt really understand so Baba came and put the activity into basketball terms which helped him understand. Thanks Baba!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Our Morning

We made our family = )

Baba made a maze for Yusuf

And Ibby played with magnets on the fridge. Until he thought it more exciting to throw them across the kitchen....

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Must watch.
Click here.

Neat Math

click here

White Board

To encourage Yusuf to write, I allowed him to use our big white board the other day. Since then he has been asking to do it again and again. Ive really noticed and improvement in his letters. MashaAllah = )

Friday, October 15, 2010


I think its time for me to invest in a math curriculum for Yusuf.  MashaAllah he is becoming very interested in learning and eager to sit and do work so I think this is the perfect time.  Ive sent out an email to the muslim/parenting/homeschooling mailing lists Im apart of asking for any recommendations. 
Ive heard of and briefly checked out: [which although is a lil more pricey seems really good!]

Please do share any comments you may have   = )

Poster Map

I got this idea from here.
Both boys are loving it.
Its complete with: our house, the park, Tim Hortons, Gas Station and ISNA of course.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Road Trip Scavengar Hunt

We took a family road trip up north for the day on the long weekend. Since we had three kids in our car under the age of 5.. and spent over 6 hrs in the car, I thought this lil activity would keep them occupied, which alhamdulilah it did.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Yusuf's Day

I also got this idea from another blog. Basically its a schedule but not so rigid that it will be difficult to follow. I printed pictures that represent the major things we do in our day. In the morning I will put them on the not done side and as the day goes on he can move them over to the done side. So far he really likes it alhamdulilah.

Labels Book

Got this idea from another blog [sorry, cant remember which one]. Basically its a book of all the labels that are familar to Yusuf.. inshaAllah it will encourage literacy skills.

Crazy Forts ;)

We borrowed this cool activity from the Resource Center = )

Baba helping

Peeking out of the window

All done, just needs the sheet on top

Ibby "helping"