Friday, October 15, 2010

Poster Map

I got this idea from here.
Both boys are loving it.
Its complete with: our house, the park, Tim Hortons, Gas Station and ISNA of course.



  1. What a great idea !!!!!!!! Course it makes me think of when somebody else would be travelling and I would say "Where are you now" Answer "on the highway" lol I love looking at maps.

  2. ok so now lets do the map to nanni and pops house and hop in the car and come....great idea!!!

  3. lol the whole time he was like, lets put naanis n ggs house too but i told him it was too far haha.. :)

  4. haha I love it mashaAllah I'm also making a map today with A, but its of our house

  5. ok you can't tell him its too far away silly then he won't want to get in the car cuz it will take toooooooo long. lol