Monday, April 29, 2013


I love how they have curtosy parking for women in underground garages...and how you see hijabis in adds :)


To attempt to get over our jetlag we stayed out all day yesterday.  We went to Tescos n looked around.  We found a few name brands we recognized...but lotsa things were new to us. I found it interesting that they have non halal section in the stores which is completly opposite to Canada.  In the far back corner of Tescos they havr a small area where you can purchase pork and alcohol, besides that everything is halal!
We also had a quick drive by of the twin towers which the boys were overly excited for.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Learning along the way....

Susu = milk
Hotcake = pancakes
Awas = caution
Berhenti = stop
Tescos = walmart equivelent
Damansara = success (most areas have this word in it, kinda like street or drive)
Jaya = local grocery recommend by a friend
Keluar = exit
999 = 911

There is one thing that left us stumped though....when Baba called Nandos to order lunch, the automated voice message said 'press one for emergency food delivery.' Since we were hungry, we pressed one, and after ordering they said it would take one hour. But, it came in ten minutes.  Still trying to find out why it was called emergency food delivery....we had a good laugh.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Totally Jetlagged

Its 4am and were all wide awake. We laid down at 4pm to have a short nap, but apparently we wete more tired than we thought. The boys are checking out KL from the 15th floor of the building were staying in and Summaiya and I are checking out the tourist guide book....they have a YCMA here :)

New Home

Alhamdulilah we have arrived, after a very long and tiring journey, to our new home. Mashallah Yusuf was an amazing traveller, he slept most of the time and was a big help. Summaiya was good as well and slept a lot and hardly cried. But Ibby was very sick ... Alhamdulilah he is doing much better now.
KL (the capital, Kuala Lumpur) is hot, humid, green, and cleaner than I expected.
People are mashallah friendly and a couple we know from Canada actually moved here two months ago and they are being extremely helpful alhamdulillah.
We have been looking at apartments and hope to find one soon inshallah.
Please keep us in your duas.