Sunday, April 28, 2013

Learning along the way....

Susu = milk
Hotcake = pancakes
Awas = caution
Berhenti = stop
Tescos = walmart equivelent
Damansara = success (most areas have this word in it, kinda like street or drive)
Jaya = local grocery recommend by a friend
Keluar = exit
999 = 911

There is one thing that left us stumped though....when Baba called Nandos to order lunch, the automated voice message said 'press one for emergency food delivery.' Since we were hungry, we pressed one, and after ordering they said it would take one hour. But, it came in ten minutes.  Still trying to find out why it was called emergency food delivery....we had a good laugh.


  1. Assalamualaikum & welcome to Malaysia!

  2. You will be adding another language to your many talents as well. The boys will pick it up so easily. We are so proud of this journey you have love love love love....there one for each of you

  3. haha emergency food delivery. For when you're super hungry

  4. the best thing are those clothing items that say things in english but are so hilariously random, they don't make any sense