Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Momma Guilt!

A friend of mine posted this today - click here - and since I love reading blogs, I waited til the boys were in bed n quickly sat down to skim through the list.  Two hours later Im left with The Momma Guilt.  Guilt that I havent / dont do enough.  Guilt that there are a billion other homeschooling (and non hs-ing ) Mommas out there that are doing so much with their kids.  Guilt that I spend way too much time worrying about the dishes/laundry/vacuuming and sweeping more than I do sitting down with and treasuring my boys who are so passionate and curious about life!

One blog that particularly gave me The Momma Guilt was about a woman who homeschool, lives on a farm, gives her children a very nature enriched lifestyle.. and.. adopted two boys from Africa.  Ya, enough said.

There was one awesome post I read once at Confessions of a Homeschooler blog basically about how people ask the author of the blog (sorry I cant find the exact post) how she does it all and in short her answer was: she doesnt.  See, blogging is wonderful, but the reality is we only see what others want us to see.  Its kinda like when people come up to me and say how Im doing such an awesome job because of what theyve seen on my blog, in my head Im thinking, you have no idea how little I actually do!

Dont worry.  This isn't a depressing post.  Even though Momma Guilt makes me feel pretty crappy.  Its a good.  It pushes me to re-evaluate myself and where I am.  Makes me ask myself what do I really value, and where do I spend most of my energy.  Sometimes I do get too wrapped up with worrying how clean our home looks and I need reminders like this to slow down.  My boys are growing up quickly and I want to savor this time with them. I want to be able to look back on these days and know I wasn't perfect, but I tried my best. 

I ask Allah to give us mothers the strength and wisdom to whats best for our family... and to keep us on track of pleasing Him, and not let the little meaningless things get in the way.  Ameen.


  1. Assalamo alaykum,
    It's funny how you've made this post, as only today I was thinking out some thing in the same lines. Guess I'll link it up to you when my thoughts find the right words. :)

  2. To do the best you can .....with the knowledge you have this moment in time.

    Nothing more is expected of you. It is not about the mistakes we is about what we learned from our mistakes.

  3. Love the honesty in your post. You are so right about people only seeing a bit of our lives on our blogs- Alhumdulillah while it is true its just a small peek into our world... I think you have to remind yourself that it is not a competition- esp with the other moms. The idea is not to "out do" the others or anything like that... if anything its a chance to get inspired and encouraged.

  4. p.s I loved this post- its so raw!

  5. Love!

    Ameen to your dua! (right on the spot with-not let little meaningless things get in the way)

    This post is so true and right. I so agree with you about how people have no idea how little we actually do and how MUCH we actually want to do! Also how much more our children want to learn and find out about this world and hereafter. If we only had time to feed their curiosity every-time. Reality is its not possible. Whats possible is to aim to please Allah and strive to better great nurturing moms for our little ones.

    I felt SO inspired and motivated when I saw these blogs... Hun you left me with a guilt of making you feel guilty... :(.

    I just read the posts from C of a H last week so I was able to scoop it out. Here