Saturday, May 28, 2011


Yesterday we attended a Fundraising event for a local organization called SMILE. Check it out here.
Yes that's Yusuf on the flyer mashaAllah. That picture was taken two years ago when Yusuf met this little boy named Muhammad and wouldn't stop kissing him. Yusuf hasnt seen Muhammad for a long time so when they were reacquainted, Yusuf was amazed with him and kept going to talk to him or give him high fives. I spoke with Muhammad's parents and inshaAllah I would like to arrange some kind of play date for Yusuf to go visit Muhammad. Children like this are a huge blessing and its an honor to have the opportunity to know them and their families. I hope inshaAllah Yusuf and Muhammad's relationship continues to flourish and they are both able to benefit and learn from each other. Ameen.

Oh, it was also a special night because Yusuf was asked to recite Quran on stage, which he did, and he did awesome mashaAllah. We are very proud of him. <3


  1. salam wa alaykum sis,

    mashallah sis i heard about this event but was unable to attend.Sis is there an email address to contact you at? i discovered we live close and i had a couple of questions about playgroups/ homeschooling groups in the area inshallah. jzk

  2. What a absolutely beautiful shows Yusuf's true spirit......

  3. asalamualikum sister amirah... do you have facebook? if so, add me ' aasiya victoria walling'

  4. Assalamu Alaikum,

    MashaAllah Yusuf! <3 I wish I could have been there, inshaAllah next time :)