Friday, January 18, 2013

Road Trip

We're having a family road trip this weekend to Ottawa. We are attending an alkauthar class on tafseer of surah Taha. We also plan on visiting some friends who we made in hajj. We did some research on what there is to do in Ottawa and even Montreal but everything is either too far or closed on Monday which is when we will have some free time.
Oh well, alhamdulilah the road trip, hotel, visiting friends and going away for a bit is exciting enough.
Mashallah so far the kids are being great (yes I'm bogging on the road) and i packed their backpacks with some fun and exciting activities. We do have our tablet with some kids games and movies but I'm determined to only use if we're desperate. It will be a long wknd for the kids with being on the road and attending the course, but I'm still determined to stay as screen free as possible, inshallah.
Will share any exciting experiences inshallah :)


  1. k that's the coolest backpack ever, i want to come and stay in the car and play with all those activities :) ok i lie :(, i want to be there to hug and kiss them for the entire weekend <3

  2. Looks like everyone is going to have a fantastic weekend....lots of activities planned......enjoy