Monday, January 14, 2013

Yusuf and Momma Journal

I enjoy writing journals and letters to people (fiction is not my thing).   I have scrapbooks for my kids where I randomly write them letters to read when they are adults.  They will have to wait until they are adults to understand and appreciate those letters.  Since mashaAllah Yusuf is really improving with his reading and writing, I decided to make a journal for him and I to keep together, but one that we can enjoy now.  And, as an extra bonus, this makes for an excellent work box activity :)  So today, I wrote him a letter telling him that we were going to start a special journal for him to practice reading and writing and to send messages.  In todays letter I told him that I miss when he was a baby because he was so cute and cuddly.  But how I am glad he is growing up because he is such a big help.  And that I think he is an amazing big brother to Ibraheem and Summaiya.  And that I like him alot.
InshaAllah I hope we are able to keep this up and that it will be something for us to cherish when he grows up <3

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  1. What a treasure to read in years to it