Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Gratitude Journal

             Today we started Gratitude Journals. InshaAllah we plan to write one thing that makes us sad and three things that we are grateful for.  I would also like to implement it in my day as well.  I listened to a lecture recently (Yusuf partially listened to it as well) and it really made me realize how much I have to take more control of my thoughts and to be more positive.  And of course I would like this for my kids.  So Im hoping we can make this a regular part of our routine.
        We got journals and made cover pages.
        We talked about and memorized the verse, "If you are grateful then I will surely increase you."  (14:7)

I *highly* recommend listening to the following lecture.  Its pretty good for kids too.  A little advanced, but perhaps if its on in the background, they may pick up a thing or too.
May Allah swt enable us to be among those who are thankful, Ameen.


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  1. You cannot help but be positive when you are grateful and recognize the good