Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Ibby made it clear to us that he was not into car painting. But, today Yusuf coloured a picture to send in the mail to my parents... and as usual, Ibby was trying to copy. So I got a big bristol board and let him go crazy on the kitchen floor.. which is exactly what he did! He LOVED it! He really enjoyed taking the lids on and off. He loved taking the green markers out of the marker bag... and he definatly prooved that he loves colouring a lot more than Yusuf ever did!

He got some marker on his skin and the floor.. but its washable.. and the mess was so worth keeping him occupied for a good 20 minutes!


  1. Maybe the truth was that he was just"not impressed with your art work" Seems to like his choices much more

  2. ASsalaamu alaikum umm Yusuf! Your Ibby looks so much like MY Ibbie SubhanAllah, he's 8 months and I'm doing research into homeschooling him insha'Allah. Great blog Masha'Allah! btw, I'm from Trinidad :)