Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ad Duha

I am excited to be starting a new Islamic Studies Curriculum with Yusuf inshaAllah.  Ive heard a few people talk about but hesitated because of the price.... but after researching it, asking around, and borrowing it from a friend who has purchased a set to look through it, I have decided to get it.

Check it out here -

Here are the things I love about it:
[note: my opinion is based on looking through it not actually implementing it with Yusuf yet]
*lessons are planned out! (whoohoo, yeah for saving time)
*Arabic language is covered
*different activities which are related to the lesson are given (ie. art projects, reflections etc)
*evaluation included
*support available (email address, and fax number provided)
*covers many fields in Islamic studies (oneness of Allah, Quranic studies, biography of the Prophets)
*includes a story book about Maryam and Muhammad who are brother and sister who go through typical muslim issues (ie. their uncle is going for Hajj so they learn about Hajj)

Im not fond of dishing out a lot of money for a kindergarten curriculum for reading / math because there is so much available on the net / in dollar stores etc.  But for Islamic studies the resources are a little more limited  and because one of our main reasons to homeschool is to be able to give our kids enriched islamic studies, I really dont mind making the investment! 

More specific reviews to follow inshaallah!

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  1. salamunalaikum.

    Mashallah! Im glad to see another happy homeschooling mom.

    best of luck n wishes n duas for your childen.