Sunday, January 23, 2011

A pet?

MashaAllah Yusuf turned four today! I cant believe how fast time flies! Please remember him in your prayers.. may Allah give him (and all our children) a long life filled with emaan, taqwa, love and happiness. And may He always keep us close to one another and keep our hearts united! Ameen.

So I may be crazy but Im thinking of having a talk with Yusuf tomorrow about how hes a big boy now and he needs make sure he listens / helps and stuff. Alhamdulillah on the most part he is a great kid but is having typical issues of not listening / having me repeat myself ten times. So Im *thinking* of talking to him about getting a pet. If he can prove that he will be responsible and help take care of it then inshallah we can get one. Now the idea just popped into my head... so I may need to sleep on it... but... does anyone have any suggestions on what kind of pets would be good? Any personal experiences? When I was a kid, we had a dog, a turtle, fish, a bunny, and a budgie (not all at once!). It goes without saying that minimal maintenance would be preferred. But we already did the fish thing and it was kinda boring! My husband who reading this post as I type and is suggesting a snake / lizard... something to make the boys tough. :\

Anyways... any suggestions?? :)


  1. I cant really think of which pet.....there seems to be so much activity and discovery moments in your household. Enough to keep everyone occupied. Daily responsibilites might be enough for now. You guys lead a pretty active life. My vote would be to wait till Ibby is older and able to respect the addition. The possibilities of what might happen with Ibby on the scene are endless.

    Love Mama

  2. awesome! when I was a kid I ALWAYS wanted a pet.. but we had enough kids as it was. if you do get a pet I'd love to hear about it :) I want to get one too not only for A, but because I missed out when I was younger! lol

  3. I like the advice your mom gave, its true, the daily responsibilities might be enough for now and while Yusef can manage and understand the pet, Ibraheem cannot grasp the concept of a pet- at his age. I just hope he doesnt flush Yusef's pet, cause how would you explain that?

    Then again... you should not have to limit Yusef because of Ibraheem's age. I guess if you were to get a pet, you should work Yusef up to it... like build on his list of duties- like the toilet paper roll and see if it is truly something he can maintain Inshallah. As for an easy pet, I was going to suggest a fish or a bird. They are low maintanance compared to most other animals.