Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bath Time Books

Today I decided Ill try something new : reading books to the boys while they played in the bath (since they LOVE the water).  So as I was running the bath water I told Yusuf to go get some books so we can read while hes in the bath.  I turned around for a second, and he had thrown the (library) book into the bath...Perhaps I could have been more clear.

I explained to him that we dont put books in the bath (something I though was common sense!) but alhamdulilah I was able to keep my cool and we actually got a good laugh out of it.


  1. That story you will never ever forget Love Mama

  2. When Uncle Michael was about the same age at Christmas time we were decorating the tree. Papa handed Uncle Michael some tinsel and told him to put/throw it on the tree. And that is what he did.......they landed in a clump. That was about 40 years ago and it still makes me smile when I remember it.