Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Playgroup: Winter

Today we went to playgroup. MashaAllah it was a lot of fun. It started with our usual circle time (surahs and songs) but for the first time we had the kids do show n tell which was cute. Ibby took a ball, and Yusuf took one of his new cars along with a Malaysian Twin Towers figurine that Baba brought back from his trip. Inshaallah we will continue to have show n tell apart of our regular circle time.
We then read the same book which we read at preschool class yesterday [The Mitten] and the all the kids brought their mittens, put it on a sheet, and used the sheet as a parachute and tried to bounce off the mittens and see which one lasted the longest. The kids had lots of fun!
After that we played with ice. The Mom whose house it was at froze a bunch of different ice shapes, including a big ball of ice made by freezing a water balloon, and different ice cubes, some of which had food coloring in it. The kids used water to stick the ice together to make buildings. It was a great playgroup.. and you can check out some of the pictures here and here (sorry Im having issues uploading pictures)

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