Saturday, May 4, 2013

Stay tuned...

Alhamdulilah things are going well in hot, humid and sunny Malaysia. It's been a roller coaster ride both emotionally and physically. We miss home but then get distracted with the new things were learning. We get exhausted but have adrenaline rushes. Overall alhamdulillah its been a great experience.
We're slowly settling in our new home, almost all the suitcases are emptied and we finally bought pots n pans yesterday. We're off to get groceries now... The trunk of our car wouldn't open so we weren't able to do much shopping til yesterday.
We don't have wifi yet and our cell phones won't hold charges and are really slow for some reason. Inshallah once we get better cell phone and Internet services I will be back to blogging regularly inshallah.
Keep us in your duas :)

1 comment:

  1. Looking forward till that time when we read all about your eskiting adventures. And we know you will not disappoint you