Sunday, May 19, 2013


Things are different in Malaysia.  In Canada, I had the car, all day, everyday.  And we were out, a lot.
I refuse to drive here for two reasons: 1. Its on the opposite sides and traffic is so crazy and 2. Im sure Id get lost!  There are tons of u-turns and such and the roads are not parallel   When I looked at a map of KL, I was reminded of arteries :/
I have not yet gained the confidence to venture out on my own with the kids on a bus or taxi, but it is on my list of things to do inshaAllah.
Anyways, our days are now spent in our apartment, but alhamdullillah we have two parks, three pools and a nice walking area with a fish pond all in our complex.  But it is different from our life in Canada, and is taking some getting used to.  We are in the midst of finding a Quran teacher who will come to our house every day, and I also want to look into hiring a swimming teacher to come give the boys lessons at our complex. 
Since were pretty much home all week (apart from grocery shopping and going out for dinner, which I must say, is very cheap) we have promised the boys that we will try to have a field trip every weekend inshallah.
This weekend we went to Aquaria which was pretty awesome mashallah, we really enjoyed ourselves.  You can check it out online by clicking here. 
I have more picture which I will upload later inshaAllah.

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  1. These trips must make learning such a fun experience.......I mean for everyone...GG