Wednesday, May 29, 2013


We took a family vacation to a place called Penang last week, which is an island off of Malaysia.  We learned something the hard way, however.  We went on a school holiday and it was packed! The drive there took four hours and the drive back took seven hours.  But alhamdulilah kids were amazing in the car and we enjoyed ourselves.

The mountains on the way there.  This one reminded me of the mountain from Lion King.  There were caves on the opposite side of it.

On the left side there is no rain, but on the right side it is raining.

Driving across the bridge

The boys got to ride a horse beside the ocean into the sunset

Summaiya is checking out the ocean water

We went to a place called Penang Hill and wanted to take the train up to the top but they told us that there was a three hour wait so we decided to head back to the beach instead.

The waves were really strong during the day, we had to stay close to the boys so they wouldn't get sucked in!  But they had so much fun chasing, and being chased by the waves.

Even I was enjoying it

Watching the waves

Summaiya watching her brother build sand castles

Yusuf 'surfing'

Playing in the sand

On our way back, we stopped at a rest station, and instead of stalls selling chips n candy, there were a bunch of vendors selling fresh fruit cut up in bags so we bought a few.


  1. It must be an amazing experience for the boys, especially to sit in all that sand and make castles.......I don't think any beach will ever compare to that happy you are all having such a great time....GG

  2. There is so much awesome packed in to this post. Masha Allah. Miss you guys!