Monday, May 27, 2013


Being abroad makes you appreciate and miss the little things that you didn't pay much attention to when you back home.  For me, Dollarama is one of the things I really miss especially since were home a lot more! A couple of weeks ago I found a store where I bought a couple work books, pencils and erasers, but I couldn' t find decent paper or paint or kids activities.  
I have recently been introduced to another Canadian sister here who has lived in Malaysia for almost three years. We went out with her last week and she showed us an indoor playground which the boys loved.... and a bookstore which had paper, and paints, and tons of other kids things for reasonable prices, alhamdulillah = ) 

Ibby working on an alphabet puzzle that I found for him

Also found an Oragami set for Yusuf

Painting on our balcony with our new tempra paint 


  1. It looks like Yusuf is quite interested in Ibby"s artistic flair.......GG

  2. Yaaaaayyyyy naani gets to go shopping, I think Sadiya may need another suitcase just for my purchases ;)another 2 weeks and they will be busier than ever. xoxox