Tuesday, August 20, 2013


We recently went to Indonesia for two days with the kids at the beginning of Ramadan. MashaAllah it was an interesting experience.  Alhamdulilah my kids (and I) are having the amazing opportunity to see parts of the world that I never even thought of before.

A little boy I saw sitting on the side of the street.

And we thought Malaysian traffic was bad..........

Checking out the skyline

There were Ramadan decorations everywhere

So we went to this Crocodile farm... it looked decent in the flyer but, once we got there, and had to enter the place through some random persons garage...well, enough said.

There were some serious animal rites violations.

See all those dark green things? Yup, those are all massive crocodiles behind a flimsy fence that Yusuf could probably break. Yup.

You could pay a couple dollars for the owner to get a live duck and feed it to the crocodiles.  

Yusuf seeing poverty up close.  It is very common in Indonesia (and many other countries, but not Malaysia) for beggars to walk around at traffic lights and come up to your car to ask for money.

Buying kufis outside the mesjid.

The boys with an uncle who Baba knows and who showed us around Indonesia.

This elderly Indonesian man followed us around the mesjid and wanted to take our pictures. I asked Baba to pose with him.

Indonesian women reading Quran.  SubhanAllah its amazing that no matter where you go in the world, Allah's Book remains the same.  Every corner of the globe, every culture, colour and language, we all read the beautiful Words of Allah SWT.

Leaving mesjid

Child beggar outside the mesjid

Ibby checkin out an Indonesian child skate boarding.

Baba gave these little kids some of his change. The looks on their faces were priceless <3 SubhanaAllah poverty is so bad in Indonesia, we really felt a big difference.

My little world travelers :)


  1. What a wonderful opportunity that you have shared with the children. I know the benefits from this journey will have such a such a postive and rewarding effect. The knowledge and experience of this trip is worth any hardship you have had to deal with.

    So happy for all of you.......love GG

  2. SubhanAllah the boys are going to be so well rounded, sometimes I feel LittleA is a bit too sheltered from the real world. JazakAllahu khairun for sharing your adventures!