Sunday, July 21, 2013


While the cousins were visiting from Canada we went to a place called Kidzania.  Mashallah it was a really neat place and the kids really enjoyed themselves.  Its basically a mini kid sized city where the kids get jobs, make money and spend money.  There are many different types of stores or community places such as hospitals, gas stations etc.   liked how each station had staff working there and would walk the kids through everything.  Adults were actually not allowed to go inside the stations (but could still fully see everything).  I think its really good for kids, especially when homeschooled, to get the opportunity to learn with other adults.  Inshallah we'll go back one day, the boys really enjoyed it, and so did I. = )
Here is the website -

Delivery service training

Grocery shopping

Gas station atendees, the loved doing this.

Scrubbing up for surgery


Water delivery service

Pharmacists making vitamins (which they got to bring home)


  1. Asalamualaikym this seems like a brilliant place for kids to learn and experience 'real life'. Wish we had the same here.

  2. They were showing this on the Toronto tv station and explaining how it works........what a fantastic experience for the opportunity to see what direction they may focus on for the future.......hurray for the creators of this program

    Love GG

  3. we are so going here when naani comes :)