Sunday, July 21, 2013


Alhamdulillah we enjoyed a nice family vacation (along with the cousins!) to a beautiful resort not to far from our place.  The huts were on the water which was pretty cool and we pretty much spend the day at the beach. We only stayed one night but mashallah it was an enjoyable time <3

Walking along the houses

The boys went hunting for crabs with Baba

The tiny crab that Yusuf caught and put in a water bottle.  Unfortunately when the cleaning ladies came for room service they threw the bottle out, probably without seeing the crab inside.

It was really neat to see how the tide came in and went out.  The water levels rose n fell quite a bit from night time to day time

The water huts

Walking to the beach with the cousins

Cousins and the beach <3

Boys having a mud fight...

Playing in the ocean til the sun set <3

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