Tuesday, August 20, 2013


While the cousins were here, we visited an Island off the East coast of Malaysia and mashaAllah it was stunning!  The resport we stayed at was, umm, not the best of resorts.  But subhanallah, the view totally made up for it!  Out of all of us I would say Yusuf enjoyed himself the most.  He loved snorkeling and mashallah was a pro at it. InshaAllah I hope we can go again someday.

Getting on the boat that would take us to the island

The view

Yusuf taking videos of the monkeys that would roam around outside.  The rain forest was literally steps behind us.

Yusuf and I woke up early one day and went for a walk on the beach shortly after sunset <3

Ibby ready to go snorkeling

Yusuf the pro snorkeler

Palm trees

Walking along the beach


The owner or worker at the resort.  He totally reminded me of a typcial cartoon character that lived on an island. SubhanaAllah, what a life!  The waters were crystal clear and you could literally walk out and just look down to see brightly colored fish.


  1. So very happy that Yusuf had such an exciting time with the snorkling. Something he will never forget.

    Love GG

  2. wow nice mashaAllah :) snorkeling must have been soo fun for the kids, good job Yusuf!