Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Orphanage Visit

It has always been a dream of mine to visit and help out in an orphanage.  Alhamdulilah we had an opportunity to visit one here in Malaysia at the beginning of Ramadan.  Mashallah it was a very well kept and well funded facility.  It was so good to see the orphans being well taken care of. 
The Prophet Muhammad SAW said that the one who takes care of an orphan will be beside him in Jannah.  I pray we are given many more opportunities to visit different orphanages inshaAllah.

Baba and his baby girl outside the orphanage.  Subhanallah what a blessing having your parents is. May Allah protect us and our children, and ease the hearts of the orphans who have lost their parents, Ameen.

Meeting the boys.

Yusuf and Ibby were a bit shy, and the fact that the kids didn't speak much English created a bit of a barrier.

Yusuf watching the boys

Getting a tour of the place.

This kinda broke my heart.  To see these names of children without parents .....

Praying maghrib

Distributing candies we brought

Making sure everyone got


  1. You can't help but wonder what was going on in the boys head. Ibby maybe wanting some candy but Yusuf the sensitive one......time will tell

    Love GG

  2. Ameen to your duas <3

    PS: if you log into the library website there is this cool online language learning program (called mango) and they even have malay, you should definitely try it out if you haven't already :). LittleA and I are learning urdu lol.. and arabic!