Thursday, November 8, 2012

Royal Agricultural Fair

Alhamdulillah I love being apart of a Homeschooling Group.  One of our fellow homeschoolers arranged a trip to the Royal Agricultural Fair.  We got a school discount and went as a group on the Go Train.  We had lots of fun and learned alot (and even got a bunch of free resources!).  Check it out here.

Milking Cows

Family of sheep

4 stomachs of a cow

Learning about horses

Digging for horse bones

Ibby insisted this lama was a giraffe

Feeding lamas

Pumpkin growing competition

My gramma surprised us and met us there.  She also took the train.  I think taking the train was the highlight of our day.


  1. Such a worthwhile see the Fair thru the eyes of the $2.00 I ever spent. Bought the little cup of food for the kids to feed the animals......It was like a pot of gold I gave to them......