Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hajj Diaries

Its been a year since we went for Hajj.  This Hajj season I was really missing it and thinking about our amazing time there. As a reminder for myself and my children, I kept a journal of my experience.  I know its delayed, but its better than nothing :)  And though its not exactly homeschool related, I wanted to share it on my blog....
I wrote them in a letter format to my kids.
Before we left for hajj, I wrote them another letter... Click here to read it.
I hope you benefit and enjoy.
[Typing up my entire journal will take a while so I will post one entry at a time inshaAllah.]

Thursday, October 27, 2011
Onboard Air Egypt

To my Precious boys, Yusuf and Ibraheem,

Our hajj journey has officially begun.  We are more than half way to a land I have never been to before, but have ached to go for years, as if I was returning home.  Only Allah knows how hard it was for me to leave you.  I hesitated for a long time but alhamdulilah Allah guided me to what was right and here we are, on our way.   Baba and I left you while you were sleeping, as it would have been too painful saying goodbye if you were awake.  We put you to bed and waited until you fell asleep.  We told you that we would be leaving and you were anxious and nervous, but I’m proud of you because you were strong.  Kissing you goodbye was, no doubt one of the hardest things I have done in my life, my heart felt like it was being ripped out of my chest, but as always, Allah helped me through it.  I know you will be okay, and I know Allah will take care of you.

Naani, Ami and Dada took us to the airport.  Chachi and Kaka stayed at home with you and your cousins.   It was very hard for me to make salam to Chachi, infact it was so hard that I just rushed it and quickly walked out the door so that I could hold back my tears.  Baba drove in Ami and Dada’s car and I went in Naani’s.  On the way to the airport my close friends were text messaging me and my tears were flowing nonstop.  I knew it would be hard to say goodbye to you and our family, but I didn’t expect it to be so hard with friends.  In moments like this you realize how important people are to you. 

Saying goodbye to Naani
When we got to the airport it was empty.  Our flight was at 11:30pm and I was extremely nervous, and very nauseous.  We said our goodbyes to Ami, Dada and Naani and then went in.  I didn’t cry too much at the airport, I think once I got there I became a little numb.  I called Naani one last time from the payphone, since I decided I would leave my cell at home, but she was in the washroom and missed my call.  I was sad because I couldn't call her a second time because I didn’t have anymore change.   Taking off was very difficult! It was scary, and even hurt, to know that Id be an ocean away from you.  There was a lot of turbulence on our way to London, which reminded me of death.  Being so far up in the air, over the wide ocean, in the pitch black, really makes you realize that our lives are in the Hands of Allah and you are forced to completely rely on Him.  Preparing for this trip has reminded me  a lot of death.  Thinking of being in a foreign country so far away from the familiarity of home makes me wonder how it will be to leave this life for the next?  We are told about the next life and have an idea of what to expect, but we wont really know how it is until we get there.  May Allah make it easy for us and protect us, ameen.

Travelling dua on Air Egypt

Flying over Egypt
London airport was huge and crowded.  There were so many stores.  I tried looking for a postcard for you but I couldn’t find any, and I was exhausted and desperate for sleep.  Alhamdulilah I found a bench to lay down on and got a short nap.  Baba said I was snoring, and normally I wouldn’t lay down in such a crowded area, but the nausea and exhaustion was getting to me and I knew I had to get some rest.  Baba got some lunch but I was too nervous to eat.  We stayed in London for about four hours and then boarded Egypt Air.  Alhamdulilah we got window seats and it was daytime so we could see everything clearly which was amazing.  When we were entering Egypt it was night time and all we could see were lights.  We thought we saw the pyramids based on the lines of the lights.  Once we landed, we quickly prayed in the airport and then took a bus to the Hajj terminal. We could see many people from different countries, many of them already in ihram, so its started to feel a bit more like Hajj.

 Hajj terminal in Egypt
It’s so interesting to see how people dress so differently.  Baba and I like the African cultural clothing!  They’re so bright, colourful, patterned and matching.  Everyone in the plane now speaks different languages so communicating is challenging.  There was some confusion about seating arrangements among different passengers, but alhamdulilah it got resolved.  It’s amazing to see so many different cultures, colours, languages, dresses, behavior,  yet we all have so much in common.  We’ve all had our struggles to get here, all seeking the Pleasure of Allah.  We have all saved money, left loved ones and the comfort and familiarities of our lives, hoping and praying that Allah will return us home pure and cleansed of our sins.

I met a sister from Ottawa in the airport, she has left her three kids so we understand each others pain.  We cried together and hugged each other which was alhamdulilah comforting.  She is also in our group so inshaAllah we will spend more time together. 

I miss you both terribly!  Forgive me for leaving you behind but it would have been too difficult.  I love you so much!  The plane is taking off now, inshaAllah I will write later.



  1. I feel that I am on this journey with you. What an uplifting path you and Mahmood have taken.

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