Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Strawberry Picking

Last week we went on a homeschooling field trip to a farm for Strawberry picking.  Alhamdulilah the weather turned out to be really good despite the rainy forecast.  Baba came with us for a change which was nice :)  Usually we go on the homeschooling field trips just with our friends but because I am reaching the end of the pregnancy, we needed Baba's help.  To be honest I wasnt too thrilled with the farm, its become very commercialized and we were only allowed to pick three strawberries each.. but alhamdulillah the kids had a great time.

The lady telling us which strawberries to pick (the reddest ones)

Yusuf picking strawberries

Baba and the boys getting on the tractor wagon ride

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  1. Such a good lesson for children to understand where the food comes from......not just the trips to the grocery stores......