Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sand Art

Yesterday we did some sand art.  We did this craft once when we attended a kids craft place and the boys loved it!  Since we were avoiding going outside due to the extreme heat, this was a fun way to spend our morning. <3

My lil artist.  Ive noticed Ibby is alot more into crafts than Yusuf ever was.  

Yusuf is developing more of an interest to crafts now that he is  older.  He has never really liked coloring n such and I  never really enforced it either.

My inner child came out and I had to join in on the fun... can you tell which one is mine? :)
Ibby did the two black and purple ones, Yusuf did the two orange ones.

1 comment:

  1. Asalamualakum,
    MashAllah ths looks great!!!
    I will inshAllah be trying it with my two. My little one was also way more into art and crafts than my older son...until recently- she must be having a good influence on him!