Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Science Fair

Last weekend we took part in a homeschooling Science Fair.  Mashallah it was awesome and Im so happy to be apart of a group where my son can participate in such things!  The science fair was planned a few months back and I asked Baba if he could be in charge.  Alhamdulilah he agreed and though it was a little last minute, it was successful and Yusuf really benefited from it!  They decided to do an experiment on the effects of coke.  And since Yusuf often sees other kids who are allowed coke and we are very strict with no coke, it was really good for him because now he understands and agrees with this rule of ours :)  It was fun teaching Yusuf science experiment words like 'hypothesis'... He seemed to grasp more than I expected he would, but even if he forgets, the exposure is still good for him, inshaAllah.  The kids under seven years old were not judged, but they all went home with participant medals which of course was the highlight of the day!

Explaining his project to a friend's Mom

My grandparents stopped by for a visit = )

This was Yusuf's favorite part... How much sugar is in one cake of coke - 10 tspns! Yuck!

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