Thursday, March 8, 2012

Movie Night

Alhamdulillah we are very blessed to be apart of something called the Madinah Centre, which is a part of Mercy Mission.  This is where my husband works.  Though it takes up alot of his time and energy, it is definatly worth it.  I am currently helping out with a section of the Madinah Centre called Little Explorers.  Little Explorers is magazine based out of UK but we also do programs at the Madinah based on the magazine.  We have an After School Program every Tuesday and also a Mom n Tots group every Thursday morning.  We also are trying to do monthly events for those who live further away and cant make it to our weekly program.  Our first event was a movie night where we watches the new Zaky video.  
InshaAllah Ill post more about what we do at the Madinah center, and if you live close by, wed love to have you join us inshaallah!
Heres the trailer of the movie we watched - click here.
To learn more about Mercy Mission please click here.
To learn more about Little Explorers Magazine, you can check it out here.  But please email me at for subscription info and discounts!

We gave out apple juice and popcorn to all the kids

Kids came in their pajamas and brought blankets and pillows :)


  1. salam wa alaykum sis, i am glad you started back blogging as i have been following your blog for awhile since we are located in the same area. i was wondering if you could give me some information about the play group you mentioned above. i looked on mercy mission madinah website but could not find anything. i am in the same area as their office though and i have a almost 3yr old i need to get involved in something we dont have any friends here and he doesn't talk so i think something like this would be good for him

  2. asalamualikum sr amirah
    please email me personally at and we can exchange details inshallah = )