Thursday, March 8, 2012

Maple Syrup

We went to the Maple syrup festival again this year which alhamdulillah was enjoyable.  Ibby got more out of it this year than he did last.  And my grandma also joined us.  
Heres the post from when we went last year.

First we watched a puppet show presentation all about how maple syrup is made.

We got to ride on this horse and carriage which the kids totally loved!  Last year a tractor pulled us.

The boys hugging the tree to say thank you for giving us maple syrup :)

This year we enjoyed a pancake brunch and kids even got to have some hot chocolate as a treat!

Ibby jumped in every mud puddle possible!  After each puddle, he'd ask me "Its okay?"  

They had a empty barn full of straw and slides and other climbing things for the kids to play around with.

They also had a small farm with typical farm animals.  Ibby wasnt too sure of the goats coming close to his legs though!

The kids learning about how maple syrup is made in the sugar shack.


  1. MashaAllah this seems like so much fun. Showed AR the pics, he was like can we go here in summer too! is it open??

  2. The most fun was watching the children's faces when the puppet show was on........and of course watching Ibby splash in every puddle. Not to forget the barn with the live animals and the children's reactions to them.......a great day had by all