Monday, September 21, 2015

To minecraft or not to minecraft...that is the question.

Well.... the title is kinda a lie because I already decided to go ahead and minecraft.  Well, I let Yusuf minecraft.

I have mentioned it before on my blog how anti-technology I tend to be at times with my kids.  The thought of them becoming zombies constantly staring at a screen and lacking basic human interaction skills terrifies me.  But then there's my hubby who reminds me that this is the way of the future.  Just like out generation is so much more into technology, our kids will by far surpass us as well. *screams inside*

Yusuf never asked me for Minecraft.  It was actually my idea.  Yes, Ms Anti-Techology went ahead and initiated getting her son into this highly addictive trendy game.   I kept hearing other Mom's talk about it... so I started asking more about it, watched some videos and even read some articles.

I held my breath and accepted that I cannot shelter my babies from the realm of video games  forever and perhaps if it was a mutual thing, we could make it work.

Our family has a weekend-only policy for TV and computers (unless its strictly educational, or ...if Momma isn't feeling well and needs a break...) so Minecraft falls into that category.  So my fears of it being overly consuming and addictive were calmed through that.  And the fact that so many other kids are into it , kids whose mother's I respect and share values with, also made me feel better.

So it's been about two months since Yusuf got Minecraft.  It was his gift for Eidul Fitr.  He's not as into it as I thought he would be, however there were a few basic things he didn't understand but is now understanding so that's helping.   Also, Baba is back, and able to play with him and discover things to help him along the way.... things that Momma couldn't really figure out.

But hey, I better still get all the credit for being the one who initiated this!

Any thoughts or experiences with Minecraft in your family???

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