Monday, December 23, 2013

Goodbye Naani

We had an amazing past three months with Naani. We had so many adventures, lots of laughs, tons of cuddles and lots of learning moments.  We slowed down on the typical subjects and focused more on enjoying one another's company, reading lots, and also exploring some new things here in Malaysia.

Momma started driving.
Yusuf learned how to ride a two wheeler.
Ibraheem also got a new bike and is improving on his letter recognition / writing.
And Summaiya has a new freedom of walking, or should I say running around.

We took a walk around our neighborhood, which we discovered isn't as pedestrian friendly as I had hoped for; we probably will not be going on another walk again in our area.  But at least we did it.

We drove to new places.  I only got lost and accidentally ended up on the highway three times; but my sense of direction has improved drastically.  My husband desperately tried teaching me the roads before I started driving but things just didn't click until I did it on my own.

We were able to meet up with some homeschoolers here in KL and hope to continue to do so on a regular basis.

Not to mention the plane ride, elephant trekking through the rain forest, pony rides, road trips, amusement park, staying in a hut on the water, and many restaurants we visited...alhamdulilah it was a memorable experience.  

Saying goodbye to Naani was tough and we still miss her tons.  The house feels so empty after her leaving, but alhamdulilah for technology to stay in touch.  After being in vacation mode for three months, we are slowly getting back into our routine, eating out less, and settling back down.  

Living away from family has its ups and downs.  It goes without saying that having Naani come for three months was an awesome experience that we would have never had if we were still in Canada, but again it goes without saying that having to let go again is so hard.

Such is the nature of this world.  We can never have everything we want and always be with all those whom we love.  But alhamdulilah through the remembrance of Allah and His promises that He is with those who are patient, it becomes all worth it.

I know my babies have had their fair share of heartache having to say goodbye to loved ones.  But I pray that through this experience they also gain invaluable lessons and memories that they will carry with them throughout their lives.

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