Thursday, December 6, 2012


I used to love mornings.  I used to love waking up early and getting a start to the day.
However, it just recently occurred to me that Im not as chirpy in the morning as I used to be.
I kept forcing myself to wake up early despite being cranky, and would notice our whole day would be thrown off  due to a crabby start.  I would sit down with the boys for breakfast and with my eyes barely open Id be put in the spotlight to answer life's greatest questions from a five year old (why is a fork called a fork? do asteroids hit planets? what eats a shark? when? why? how?....ahhh!).

I have come to accept I am no longer the morning person I used to be.  And I have also discovered the greatness of coffee.... yes I know it sounds funny but in all seriousness, Im really finding it gives me that extra boost that I need [ Yes I know exercise would probably help but were in survival mode at the moment, inshaallah well get there soon too].

I love waking up to Summaiya cooing, Ibby cuddling beside me and Yusuf kissing my forehead.  But after the first few moments of cuteness, I need some time for my brain to wake up. I have told myself to no longer feel guilty if my husband is around and willing to watch the kids so I can get an extra half hour of shut eye.  And I wont feel bad anymore to send the kids down to the basement to play while I enjoy my morning tea or coffee in silence while I check my email (or blog).

When I used to picture how homeschooling would work in our home I would think of us all waking up at the crack of dawn and enjoying each others company etc etc... and though that may happen sometimes, it doesn't need to happen all the time.  I think alhamdulilah we do alot together.  Our homeschooling may not be perfect, but were learning to tweak it along the way to make it perfect for us.  Whenever people ask me about homeschooling, I stress that I believe homeschooling mostly has to do with a change in lifestyle and focus on relationships, academics are secondary.

My kids are awesome and I love spending time with them.  But I need to start the day off right and stop feeling guilty for doing what I need to do to make my day a lil better.

Maybe when Summaiya starts sleeping through the night Ill become more of a morning person again.  But if not, that will be okay too.

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  1. This is called "adjustment to the 3rd child". When there was 2 children had 2 hands one for each child. Now with only 2 hands and 3 children it is a time of adjustment. Called dividing yourself once more. And you will, as we have all done before you. Not easy but I know you will find the way.