Saturday, December 8, 2012

Craft Fail

I have a new addiction: Pinterest! It's so much fun and has so many awesome ideas! I was excited to do one of the crafts I saw so when my kids two friends came over we tried it out. Alhamdulillah it kept them busy for a while n they had a lot of fun but unfortunately it was a fail. I I think we needed to use thicker yarn and maybe more glue..We also needed a lot more string but the kids were getting tired and didnt want to do more and I was busy making dinner and taking care of Summaiya so couldn't really help them add that much more. Oh well, and it was still fun :)
Image from Pinterest
Finished Product Fail
Ibby is my lil artist.  He loves sitting and doing crafts...
And then there's Yusuf... not really the crafty type. But  he still had fun. Maybe if we used more string it would have worked better lol.
Alhamdulillah even though it was a fail, the four kids really enjoyed themselves :)


  1. Now truly, who would have ever believed Ibby would be the artistic never know

    Looks like a fun activity with great results

  2. Looks great and lots of fun! Mashallah :)