Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Here I Am

I have been MIA for the last while and Im really missing my blog.  Right now we have alot going on... butI plan to be back into the swing of things with this blog of ours by the new year, inshaAllah!


  1. Asalamualaikum sister,
    It is good to see you 'back in action'.
    Look forward to your posts.

  2. Assalamualaykum sister I stumbled upon your blog from alif2yaa alhamdulilah Im a young mother in Scarborough with 2 little ones (3 mont hold and 3 year old)..Inshallah I'm planning to homeschool them. Are there any get-togethers for homeschooling mums? When do you think is a good time to start?

    I moved to the GTA a year ago and have not met any sisters so far. Do you guys have any halaqas or meetings you attend? It would be a great stress reliever for me to get with some other parents with little ones inshallah. Phew!

    Thanks for reading :) Assalamualaykum

  3. mashaAllah looking forward to the posts ;)

  4. @ marwa... please email me -
    sorry i just saw your comment now!