Thursday, December 15, 2011

7:00 am

When Yusuf was a baby hed always sleep in our bed.  I dont regret doing this, I loved sleeping beside him and Im so happy I had that opportunity to give him all those extra cuddles!  Ibby on the other hand was annoying to sleep with! Both him and I slept better if we were in separate beds, whenever he'd come into mine hes squirm constantly until I put him back in his crib.  Now my two babies sleep in their own room in own in the own bed.  Mashallah my husband is a big guy and we only have a queen sized bed (it was so tempting to buy a king-sized at times)... so when the two boys make their way to our bed in the middle of the night, we do not get a good sleep.  Though I enjoy their cuddles, we just wake up way too tired.  Ibby use to stayed in his own bed but Yusuf got him in the habit of coming to our room since hed wake him up when he wanted to come.
So anyways, I saw this idea on Super Nanny a while ago, I got an alarm clock and put it in the boys room.  They already have a nice clock, and I believe kids should learn to tell time on a proper clock, but in the middle of the night they cannot see it.  So I told Yusuf, if he wakes up in the middle of the night he should look at his clock.  If the first number is not 7, he should read ayatul kursi and go back to sleep.  We made a chart and if they stay in their beds for 10 times they get a reward, but if they come to our bed 5 times they get a consequence.  Alhamdulilah so far its working really well!  In the last week theyve only come to our bed once.  InshaAllah I hope this is an effective way to teach him without causing the boys any sadness (I was so tempted to put child safety gates on their door! haha).


  1. Miss your blog! and missed mine too, good to have you back!

    Nice idea! Alhumdulillah its working too. Super Nanny sometimes has really nice tips.

  2. a smart solution for smart kids - i like giving kids responsibility for making their own decisions regarding their behavior.

  3. children love to imitate adults, so glad its working for you guys!