Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hajj Playdate

Our weekly playdate was at our house this week and we did a Hajj theme. I made a pretend kabah with a box on a table and then covered with a black cloth and wrapped my hijab around it. Here were practicing tawaf.
Yusuf wore his uncles ihram (the plain white clothe that men wear on Hajj).

One of the other moms brought colouring sheets for the kids.

At circle time we briefly went over the different parts of Hajj. I got these printouts from Talibideen Junior but for some reason I cant find the link.. But there are many other ones available including this one that I just found :

We also served our guests with small glasses of zamzam water [forgot to take a pic].
And inshaAllah next week, we will be attending a playgroup event of a full pretend Hajj experience = )

May Allah SWT grant us all the privilege of performing Hajj one day, Ameen.


  1. That is such an amazing idea, MashaAllah! I have to try that with my kids!

  2. MashaAllah that is great. My husband is at hajj so Ive been busy making kaabas and jamarats too! Eid Mubarak uhkti!