Monday, November 29, 2010

Good Deeds Jar

As all children do, Yusuf is going through a phase where he is testing his limits... including talking back, using bathroom words [constantly] etc. Ive noticed when we give attention to the negative behavior, it doesnt really eliminate it [ though consequences really do work with him]. Anyways, I wanted to reinfoce positive behaviour and saw this idea on a blog a few weeks back. I bought a glass jar and some rocks from the Dollar store. The jar is placed in the middle of our kitchen table so that #1 Ibby wont get ahold of it and #2 so that he sees it often. The rules are as follows: Myself and Mahmood give the rocks for good deeds/behavior that we notice from Yusuf; Yusuf is not allowed to ask for a rock; if he has bad behavior, rocks may be taken out; when the jar is full we will have a family meeting to discuss what his reward will be.

So far, hes loving it, and he only asked for a rock once [ I thought it would be alot more]. Yesterday I gave him one rock for holding the door open for me and my sister in law when we went to the mosque [without us asking him to]. And Mahmood gave him one this morning for being very caring with his little brother by bringing him balls to play with and convincing him to come out of the bathroom [which is Ibbys fav place to be if one of us accidently leaves the door open].

So, so far so good, I shall keep you updated inshaAllah.


  1. I think I'm going to have to try this out- our major battles at the moment are about Khalid and Iman hitting/pinching/biting/fighting every three seconds, and they get time outs rather alot. However, Khalid responds very well to visual tokens, so I may have to make a chart with spaces for good deed/bad deed and see if I can work out some sort of economy. :)