Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Water Math Bag

I got this idea from a blog [seriously I dont think I would be able to homeschool if it weren't for all the ideas I get on blogs]. We drew a line down the middle of a ziploc bag, put some water in along with ten beads and sealed it. I wrote the numbers 1-10 on a pieces of paper then took two numbers [that added up to 10] and put one on each side of the bag. Then Yusuf had to put the amount of beads that matched the number. After a while he wanted more beads so I added 10 more, made a line across [so there were 4 squares] and did the activity with 4 numbers, which got a little too tough for him but he enjoyed it. Maybe hell do some more of it when Baba comes home.


  1. oo I've been meaning to try this one too. I know what you mean about getting ideas from other blogs, I'm the same!

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  3. Assalamualikum wr wb

    I love the other blog but i like this b/c its more to the point about HS and much more easier to follow... I love the food color and milk idea, I showed it to my husband and said I might do this with AR in his activity time, he goes yeah its a good idea, and after he is done playing with it he can drink it!!

    May Allah keep us motivated and steadfast InshAllah.

    This one activity I did with AR, he loved it... you can try it with Yusuf. On a thick piece of paper put a blob of paint (Homemade or toxic free of course), thick consistency paint and give him a car to drive all over the paper. You can help him create different patterns with different texture car wheels. AR loved it b/c he has a passion for cars.