Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Yusuf got a new carseat...which came in a big box, which meant an opportunity to make something cool :)

Heres what we did:

Cut out a door and used a toilet paper roll for a door knob....

Made a mail box out of a cookie box...

Cut an old receiving blanket to make curtains...

Complete with a phone and laptop...

And of course a prayer mat, bed, side table with a book... and last but not least, a basketball

And Ibby is joining the fun too.


  1. aww mashaAllah love it :) did you guys just do that today after the playdate? mashaAllah.. hehe I'm so excited about your blog, i'm such a nerd lol

  2. lol now you know how i feel about your blog :P
    ya we did it when you guys left. ibby went to sleep, i made this for yusuf n he was busy with it while i got some rest / things done :)

  3. Award Winning House.........get the