Sunday, July 5, 2015

Food Baskets

Unfortunately there is a strong misconception that it is better for us to send out zakat money to those abroad because people living in Canada cant be that poor.  However there are many families in our community who struggle to feed their kids on a daily basis.  Mashallah National Zakat Foundation is working to break that misconception and encourage people to distribute zakat money locally to support those who are silently struggling.  

The other day, we got together with a few Homeschooling families to assemble food baskets.  MashaAllah all items were donated by local families.  One of the homeschooling mothers had opened her house so that all the items could be collected, and then assembled into baskets.  Each child got a list and had to go around the living room collecting the items.  We then packed everything into cars and dropped it off with NZF and they will inshaAllah deliver to the deserving families.  

May Allah swt accept each and every donation from those who gave and feed them and their families from the food of Jannah, Ameen.

Please check out the National Zakat Foundation website and consider giving your zakat through them!

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