Wednesday, February 18, 2015


I love Lego.
It keeps the kids busy.
It sparks they're imagination.
It brings them together.

I hate picking up Lego!
Accidently stepping on it kills!
I get annoyed at bending down to pick it up.
I know some moms who don't allow Lego in their house for this reason.

But every time I sigh with frustration at the countless lone Legos I find around our home... I know one day I'll miss Lego.

I'll miss Lego.
Because one day they'll grow out of it.
One day they'll stop dumping the Lego box.
One day they'll stop showing me their creations.

I love Lego.
It signifies their youth.
It signifies their innocence.
I love Lego.

[Yes.... I just attempted to write something that resembles a poem, on Lego. It's late, I should sleep =) ]


  1. haha I love it! totally in the same boat here

  2. Your sentiments about Lego are so true.........all mothers remember